Movie Theater Pass

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is located in 45 states and they have more than 380 theaters.

I’m currently an AMC Stubs A List Member, this is a movie pass where you can go to any AMC theater up to 3 times a week. This means you can go see up to 12 movies a month for $23.95 (price may vary based on your location). At my local AMC each ticket is $10.99, this means if you go see at least 3 movies a month you will already have payed for your pass! There is no waiting timeframe, meaning if you go see a movie @3pm today you can go see your second movie anytime after the first movie ends! You can even use all 3 passes in the same-day for that week. They do ask for your ID when they scan your ticket in the app to verify your the one using the pass, so NO sharing. My theater also recently upgraded to reclining heated seats & got a MacGiffins Bar. Some theaters even have a dine in service.

I highly recommend downloading the AMC mobile app. This app lets you buy your tickets online, so theres no need to run down to the box office to get your tickets. This app also keeps track of the 3 movies your allowed to purchase a week with your pass! If you wanted to you can also make a reservation for certain movies up to a week in advance (This is very helpful if you want to see a show on opening night, but your afraid it might sell out). My theater also just got reserved seating that you can also pick on the app while buying your ticket on it. This is very helpful because you don’t have to get to your show time super early now just to get a good seat. You can see any version of the movie as well like 3D movies & IMAX. When you show up for your movie you just go on the app and click on the “Tickets” tab, this will pull up a barcode that will act as your ticket. I love this feature because now I don’t have to stand in line to pick up or buy my ticket, I just walk us to the ticket collector! With your AMC movie pass you also get 10% back on all your food and drink purchases. If you buy a large popcorn you get free refills, all online fees are waived, priority lane for you to walk through when buying concessions, and you get free sizing upgrades on your popcorn and fountain drinks (If you get a medium its priced as the small size & if you get the large its priced as a medium). Also, for every $50 spent you get a $5 reward. After your charged 3 times for your membership this means you will get your $5 reward! On your birthday you also get a FREE large popcorn and drink.

If you drink 2 liter coke products and keep the bottle caps with the codes in them for Coke Rewards Program you can score a FREE large fountain drink with 5 caps. You can also get a free large popcorn with 5 additional caps! Offer ends 3/8/19 *Comes back often though*

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