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Deal Palooza

When signing up use link:

This app is for deals in Temecula & Murrieta California! In this app you can find half off restaurants, entertainment, car washes, and beauty! Deal Palooza posts a new local deal everyday, and I suggest signing up to receive emails from them because they occasionally give out 10% of codes to go along with your already discounted deal. Once you sign up you can buy vouchers for places you want to go like Maui Wowi Hawaiian coffee shop or Storm Stadium baseball tickets! These deals are only up for a week or so after they are posted (date it goes away is posted when you click to view the deal). These deals are normally at least half off what ever voucher you buy. When you buy the voucher you will either print it out or show them the code it gives you on your phone when you go in to redeem it. To view your voucher click the “View my Vouchers” tab on Deal Palooza. I recommend you get the mobile app to purchase the deals so you only need to bring your phone in when redeeming the deal.

Before you buy a voucher click on it to view the terms and conditions such as the expiration date, how many you can buy, & when you can use it.

I just bought a Maui Wowi Hawaiian coffee shop voucher for $10, but I only spent $4.50 on it! They were selling it for $5 and they gave me a 10% off code my email to go with it!


When signing up use link:

This is very much like Deal Palooza except there are over 500 deals to pick from and it’s active in 15 countries! I also suggest downloading the app version of Groupon and buying your vouchers on the app so you only need to bring your phone with you to redeem it. Groupon also offers and extra 20% off your deal occasionally and all you need to do to get tis is check your notifications in the app! They also have a program that you can subscribe to called Groupon Select and this is $4.99 a month and give you an extra 10-25% off your deals every time. To view your voucher click the “My Stuff” tab in the app.

In the past I’v gotten 5 vouchers to Juice it up and these vouchers were good for $5 each. This deal was 40% off so I only paid $14.25 for all five and this includes the extra 25% off since I’m a Groupon select member. The Original price of this would be $25!

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