Couponing App’s


New members use code qaxwbml while signing up to receive a welcome bonus.

This App rewards you with money when you buy certain products from your local store! All you have to do is Download the app look up your local grocery store before you go shopping to see how much cash back they will give you on certain items. If you see one you like you click on it and it gets saved for that specific store. You can then scan your receipt if you have a valid item! This is my favorite couponing app!

The best part about this app is you can use it with paper coupons to score even better savings! Most products let you score the same deal three times (Lets say you clip the Walmart Naked Juice $0.50 back rebate on Ibotta, you can but 3 Naked Juices from Walmart and score $1.50 back total!) When you click on the deal you will see “Details” listed under the item. This will tell you when it expires, how many times you can use it, and the size of the item you must buy (15.2 oz.)

As of today I’v earned $70.85 through this app in less than 1 year! The only downside is you can’t cash out until you reach $20. When you do hit $20 though you can either send the money to your PayPal, Venmo, or buy a gift card with it!

I occasionally use this site to find some great printable coupons! The only downside to this site is you can’t combine newspaper or any other coupons with these, because these are your coupon! This site gives you options to print coupons to certain stores or mobile clip them. Mobile clipping means you can scan you receipt once you done buying the item in order to get the money you saved loaded into your account. The mobile clipping is like Ibotta, except in this case you don’t need to meet a $20 minimum to cash out. You can cash out using any PayPal account at anytime! Lets say you have a loyalty card at Rite Aid, Cvs, Albertsons, etc.. If you upload you loyalty card number on your account for these certain stores the mobile coupons you clip will automatically be loaded to your loyalty card when you check out in the store using your card.

Last week I scored Bellas wet dog food coupons for a total of $7.50 off at Walmart! They are normally $0.74 a tray but we scored coupons for $2.50 off of 6 & $5 off of 12! $0.33 EACH

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