Best Thrift Store App’s

Mercari & Poshmark

Mercari & Poshmark are websites and apps that you can get in the App store or on Google Play. They are sites that men and women can buy and sell used clothing others no longer want. They are like Craigslist and LetGo, except everything gets shipped to you! I have seen great deals on these app’s like Vans, Patagonia, North Face, Victoria Secret, Coach, Kate Spade, etc..

Mercari: Use this link during signup to get $10 FREE

Poshmark: Use this Code during signup to get $5 FREE                          MAEGANKAELEE     

Bought on MercariBought on Poshmark
Lululemon Tank $12
(Originally $64)
Pink by Victoria Secret Bling Hoodie $25
(Originally $80)
Free People Bralette $9
(Originally $20)
Lululemon Crop Leggings bundled with Victoria Secret Sweats $35.95 Total
(Originally $134.95 Total)
Brandy Melville Tank $7
(Originally $16)
Gymshark Pullover $20
(Originally $50)
Pink by Victoria Secret Bling Hoodie $26
(Originally $80)
Victoria Secret Strapless Bra $14.99
(Originally $49.95)

The best part about buying on these sites is you can make an offer on items you want. If you really want something and its still a little more then your willing to pay, make the seller an offer! Another great feature is bundle deals. If you see multiple items you like from the same seller most times they offer a bundle deal. Most the time it’s 30% off if you buy multiple things from the same seller and sometimes you can private message the seller to see if you can get an even better discount on the multiple items you purchase from them. Occasionally Mercari and Poshmark also offer discounts like $10 off a $20 item!

Sold on MercariSold on Poshmark
Tiffany & Co Bracelete $100
(Originally $150)
Brandy Melville Fur jacket $50
(Originally $60)
Pink by Victoria Secret Half Zip $24
(Originally $46.95)
New with Tag Victoria Secret Bra $38
(Originally $54)
Lululemon Leggings $67
(Originally $98)
Brandy Melville Tee $13
(Originally $23)
Top Shop Jeans $35
(Originally $75)
Victoria Secret Sport Leggings $19
(Originally $64.50)

These are the best sites I have found to sell your used clothes on! The best part is there is an option you can click to have the buyer pay for shipping. All you have to do is print out the table and drop it off to Fed Ex or USPS, it varies on what the buyer picks. The only down side to selling here is the sites take a 10% commission in order to keep them running. I personally don’t mind this though because there truly is no better way to get the most money for your used clothes. There is no fee to post your item initially, you just get charged 10% when your items sold. Once your item is shipped to the buyer they have a few days to review what they received, then they rate is and your funds are processed into your account with the 10% commission taken out. You then ask for a direct deposit or check mailed to you! I know some people worry about items they sell getting returned due to it not fitting the buyer. There is no need to worry though, because there is a protection policy. In order for someone to return something it has to show up damaged or not described like you listed it. In the many years I have done this I’v never returned anything and no ones every returned any of the items iv sold them.

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